Price Guide

This is a guide to prices of all my goodies available. However if your unsure, your most welcome to contact me.

Small Elephants - Appox 27cm long are $27
Medium Elephants - Appox 32cm long are $30
Carriers - come with blanket and pillow $27
Hooded Carriers - comes with blanket and pillow $30
Small Elephants in a Sleeping Bag $38
Medium Elephants in a Sleeping Bag $43
Baby Mobiles $27
3 pack of Elephant Dresses $15
Mini Baby In a Wrap (Baby appox 17cm) $25

Children's clothing vary depending sizes. But I do dresses, skirts, shorts and tops.

Elephants can be made in grey, pink, white, blue or purple felt colour's. The carriers are also made out of felt and co-ordinating fabrics to match your elephant. Fabric choices for the carriers and elephants clothes do change a lot depending what's in stock. However once you have made contact with me, we can discuss colours and I can show you a selection of fabrics that you can choose from.

Turn around time is appox 3- 4 weeks unless discussed needing it sooner. However a lot of the time it is sooner. Just need to allow that time to ensure everyone is happy.